• Slide 2 - Tajweed Courses April 2016
  • Learn the Quran and Be with the Angels

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  • The course was a fantastic experience which enabled us to delve not only into the Quranic Science of Tajweed but also how this can help us both spiritually/mentally and physically. The unity and sisterhood felt amongst such diversities was inspiring. - Aklima Zaman
  • Being on the Tartil Residential reminded me of my time in Syria. Being surrounded by students living and breaching Qur’an all day. The ethos was beautiful hearing the buzzing sound of Qur’an. Having the creache facility was of course very useful, as it enables me as a mother to attend. Alhamdulillah. - Maryam Ahmad Abdullah
  • MashaAllah had an amazing time both spiritually & mentally. Had lots of fun with the sisters. The evening talks & Qiam were both inspiring & an asset to the residential. I achieved so much in my tajweed studies & although it was intense, it was also enjoyable at the same time. I look forward to the next residential & wish it was sooner. The Teachers were highly dedicated & extremely helpful & understanding. I leave with a sadness in my heart but refreshed to face the world forgotten this past week. JazakAllah for everything. - Eram Maqsood
  • Alhamdulillah I dont think I can say enough to express my appreciation and how fortunate I am to be on this spiritual Qur’anic journey. I just wish it was longer, 6 nights is not enough. Will really miss this experience and my sisters and teachers. I cannot wait for Tartil 2014 to continue with the journey. JazakAllahu Khairan for everything! - Nasima Begum Ali