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"Rashid is maturity, sensible conduct, the right path, guidance, knowledge"

To follow the right way is the aspiration of every mature person in life. The Rashid Course intends to enlighten every individual with the basic knowledge of Deen (religion), in particular, the essential knowledge of Deen {ilm min ad-deen bid-darurah} and how it should be practised in our day to day life. Rashid is an Arabic term meaning following the right way; hence, the Caliphs are called 'Al-Khulafa Ar-Rashidun', the rightly guided Caliphs. It also denotes to being sensible, reasonable and having maturity of mind.

The term 'Rushd' and 'Rashid' is repeatedly mentioned in the Quran in line with maturity, sensible conduct, the right path, guidance, knowledge etc, but the overall usage denotes to 'maturity', 'knowledge' and 'guidance'. It is the hope of the 'Rashid' course to assist the participants to manage their affairs in the right way with knowledge and guidance, as stated in the Quran:

"Our Lord! Bestow on us mercy from Yourself, and manage for us our affair in the right way!"

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